This woman is taking home a solar cooker and a better life for her family.


She can now save as much as one-quarter of her family’s income, which was previously spent on charcoal for cooking.


Millions of people in the world are caught in the dilemma of securing cooking fuel. With a solar cooker, a family can save a large portion of their cooking fuel expense and have more money for food, medicine, education and the necessities of life. This is the central objective of the Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society.


Fifty percent of the wood used in the world every year is burned as fuel and eighty percent of that is for cooking. Forests are being cut down so people can cook their food. The trees can never be replaced fast enough to keep up with the demand and the smoke from cooking fires is a major cause of eye and lung disorders and greenhouse gases in the world.



The Kyoto Twist is supporting solar cooker projects in the world to reduce both poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.

A gradual ‘twist’ in our priorities and lifestyles will help alleviate these two realities, and make a better world for all of us.
































Save a tonne, Save a life.