Sustainable Relief for Haiti


A group of leading experts in the solar cooking field have come together to raise money and prepare for implementing alternative cooking and lighting technologies when appropriate venues and opportunities present themselves. This will likely happen a few months into the recovery efforts, but possibly sooner. There are already 250 high-quality solar ovens in storage in northern Haiti, with pots and water pasteurization indicators ready for shipment. Other solar companies and organizations have pledged cookers, and shipping and logistics are being organized.


The Kyoto Twist Solar Cooking Society is playing a role in Canada. We have started a special fund under the banner of “Sustainable Relief for Haiti”. We recognize the immediate needs of the earthquake victims, as well as the extreme psychological trauma they have suffered. We support all the humanitarian efforts that are now being mobilized. At the same time we are looking ahead to the reconstruction and rebuilding of Haitian society. This is where renewable energy has a place in a sustainable and just future. Domestic energy needs, primarily for cooking and lighting are essential components for disaster relief. In Haiti the use of charcoal for cooking fires has been a key factor in the poverty and environmental degradation.


Your contribution will be used toward an effective and sustainable program of assistance. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your previous support for our work in developing countries and the contributions you have already made to other organizations that are working to bring relief to Haiti. We are building this program with over thirty years of experience in Haiti with solar cooking and the best experience and practices in the field. Thank you for your support.


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